Making Low Budget Films

Perhaps one thing that is always talked about in websites and in any tech blog regarding short films is the issue of the budget. While it’s true that there should be no boundaries to art, it still stands to reason that there will always be a practical aspect to things, and in the case of short films, your capacity to pay for the services you have will somehow determine (to some extent) the success of your film or lack thereof. Hence, to be a (short) filmmaker, you also need to be resourceful, particularly in looking for ways to provide materials needed for production.

Tips for Making Films on Low Budget

low budget films

Filmmaking – how cheap can you afford to get?

First of all, you need to remember that a short film must be, well, short. One script page is equal to one minute screen time. With that in mind, keep your short under 30 minutes. Film festivals program in 15 minute segments and they often want to include as many films as possible. Writing a shorter story increases your chance of being selected. Website visitors have a very short attention span, and so do film viewers.

Second, you need to come up with ways to get everything for free. Impossible? Of course not. Amateur film makers love to work on films. Find amateurs that have equipment you need, such as lights or a camera, and offer them a position on your film. See if there are restaurants that are willing to donate meals to your film production.

Third, you can also try to consider holding some fundraisers. No, there isn’t a problem with asking for funding, especially for something as noble as art. There are numerous websites devoted to funding independent art work. Try filming an interview with yourself discussing the film, or perhaps shooting a short trailer to drum up interest. However, keep it in mind that spending too long on funding is a form of procrastination.

Budget Isn’t Everything

Still, despite the seeming discouragement that you might feel about not being funded enough, art is still art. Even if no one else understands and is willing to pay for it, the value of your art will remain priceless.

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